Our specialty is residential dock removal and replacement. IMCC will manage the project from start to finish, overseeing the various steps in the process:

Step 1: An onsite meeting is recommended so we can discuss the projects parameters and outline the timeframe for completion.

Step 2: Surveyors and Civil Engineers are brought in to provide plans and elevation certificates for the permitting process. The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Department of Environmental Protection (EPA), and South Florida Water Management must provide authorization before a building permit can be obtained. IMCC arranges the appointments, and is present as the homeowner’s representative.

Step 3 (If Necessary): We have done extensive work in communities like Admirals Cove, who have a Property Owners Association who have their own application guidelines. This is the next step after authorization from the environmental agencies. Jonathan’s Landing, Frenchman’s Creek, Turtle Creek, Harbor Isles and many other communities have their guidelines that must be met prior to approval. It is important that your Marine Contractor is familiar with all of them.

Step 4: Whether you own a dock in a residential neighborhood or a club community, new docks require approval from several agencies then it is on to the building department. It is important to know whether the dock is in an unincorporated area of Palm Beach or Martin County, because where the application is submitted varies. IMCC will prepare the permit application and will submit and follow the progress as it moves through the various agencies.

Step 5: It is now time for the existing dock to be removed. The extent of the removal varies from dock to dock. Sometimes the decking needs to be replaced, but the pilings are in good condition. Often times the dock has deteriorated uniformly and the entire structure needs to be removed. If there is plumbing or electricity on the existing dock, some separate, licensed contractors will be brought in to perform the removal. Next IMCC will remove the decking and substructure and extract the pilings from the waterway. The old material will be transported to a landfill.

Step 6: New Pilings will be installed in accordance with the plans and then the sub structure will be added to connect the pilings. IMCC uses stainless steel hardware for maximum life and integrity of the dock.

Step 7: Decking is next and the dock owner can choose a variety of material from IMCC’s suppliers:
Marine Grade Pressure Treated Lumber
PVC Decking
Composite Decking

Step 8: The final step is having the Building Department approve the finished dock to close the permit. IMCC will arrange the inspection and be present to respond to any questions.