Wooden Sea Walls

Wooden sea walls, often referred to as timber seawalls or wooden bulkheads, is a cost effective way to protect coastal properties and shorelines from the erosive forces of tides, waves, and storms. These structures are constructed from pressure-treated wood, and serve as a traditional yet effective means of preventing erosion and maintaining the stability of waterfront areas.

One of the advantages of wooden sea walls is their natural appearance, which blends seamlessly with the coastal landscape. Wooden sea walls can be left untreated to weather naturally, taking on a silvery-gray patina over time, or they can be stained and sealed to maintain their original color and finish. This versatility allows property owners to choose an aesthetic that complements the surrounding environment.

They can be combined with other materials like rocks or geotextiles to enhance their protective capabilities. Their effectiveness in coastal defense is well established, as they act as a natural barrier against erosion and protect valuable waterfront land and structures.